We're pretty chuffed with our off-grid, architecturally designed cabins. We've included enough mod cons so you can embrace time in nature while being cozy and comfortable. Serenity is served up in bucket loads, paired with 180 degree views of the spectacular scenery. Every Wilka site is a place you can unplug and slow down, even if it’s just for a bit.

Each cabin is set-up for people that seek a different kind of adventure and for anyone who needs some time to just chill really. Even the self-aware city dwellers like some of our dear friends who (until now) dug the hotel lobby vibe, have since 'seen the green' and realised nature is pretty damn cool too.

From an inspired idea to bottle the feels he gets roaming his parents farm in country Victoria, Clayton Hinkley combined his love of all things architecture with his next-level passion and love of the outdoors to create what is today, Wilka Eco Escapes.

You might come for the calm and frankly, you'll leave feeling energised. It’s what a slice of nature time can do. We swear by it and we dare (possibly even double dare) you not to leave without a smile on your face.


Set amongst the trees, our eco escapes are far away from any other dwelling, people or things – well, except for some wildlife, like cows in some cases, but that’s it. Because, stillness speaks.


We work with local architects to design our Wilka eco escapes and local builders to bring it all to life. We use 100% solar power and our toilet is even eco-friendly, her name is Cinderella.


Our luxury cabins are set-up and ready to go for the discerning glamper, weekend warrior or creative type and all humans really if, and only if, you need time out to escape everyday life.

Message From Our

In this day and age we're so wound up in our busy lives we often don’t take enough time-out for ourselves and the ones we love most, to reflect and just slow down to acknowledge what’s most important in life. Wilka was built on the pursuit of fulfilment, happiness and escapism in its best form. Our goal to provide a platform to deliver absolute joy and happiness is at the heart of everything we do. Being in and around nature is really healing and in Australia, we're truly blessed to have it all in our own backyard – so come stay in the best parts of it Wilka style. Big love, from the Wilka fam.

– Clayton Hinkley